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Dan Breckwoldt | Compositing Supervisor at MPC

Vancouver BC

I had the pleasure of working with Anthony on The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and was impressed with his enthusiasm, positive attitude and proactive approach. He is an extremely hardworking compositor and a great team player with a passion for his work. I'm sure Anthony will make a strong contribution to all the projects he's involved with in future.

May 8, 2014, Dan managed Anthony at MPC

Isa Alsup | Compositing Supervisor yU+co

Hollywood CA

Anthony stepped into the yU+co comp team and added a great attitude, energy. His skills are A+ and his eye is A+. I liked his work ethic and will work with him any time.

October 1, 2014, Isa managed Anthony at yU+co

Devin Uzan

Los Angeles CA

I have worked with Anthony at 3 different places and he is always prepared to quickly and creatively tackle any technical or artistic endeavor. He is a great person to have on a team in that he shares knowledge and is easy to get along with. He has a great eye and a wide variety of expertise. I highly recommend Anthony.

May 20, 2014, Devin worked directly with Anthony at yU+co

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Erik O'Donnell | Lead Compositor Mechnology

Glendale CA

Anthony is one of the most enjoyable people I have worked with who raised the quality of our projects when he brought in his vast experience. His skill set and speed allowed us to cover our increased work load and saw us though three near simultaneous deadlines. As an educator and a trainer, Anthony oversaw and managed a new employee while delivering his own shots. A pitching coach and a pinch hitter all in one. 

There's a lot I can say about Anthony but what I feel is most important about him is how he raised everyone game when he's around. Not just suggestions about a shot or workflow improvement but a general positiveness of character. An MVP for anyone's team.

October 26, 2012, Erik managed Anthony indirectly at Mechnology

James Hattin | Compositing Supervisor Zoic Studios

Culver City CA

Anthony was a breath of fresh air when he came onto our project. He took direction really well and stayed positive when the hours got long and tempers got short. It would be great to work with him again under less trying circumstances, but he is a talented guy who can produce very good work in any condition.

August 15, 2012, James managed Anthony at Zoic Studios

John Parenteau | VFX Producer / Supervisor Pixomondo Burbank

Burbank CA

Anthony and I worked together directly on Hunger Games. Though the project was very difficult on all of us, Anthony was always a positive influence on the team. He understands compositing, but more importantly communicates well and avoids drama in favor of hard work and dedication. I would always recommend Anthony as a great team member and a solid artist.

January 18, 2013, John managed Anthony at Pixomondo

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